Bobbi Bands

Devine Fine Jewellery

Ring(s) - Three bands one awesome ring! Each band ( 1 x 14k Yellow Gold, 1 x 14k Red Gold, 1 x Sterling Silver) is hammered, etched and faceted, then polished and tumbled to create this wonderfully earthy set. Measuring 2 mm wide each, approximately 7 mm total width. Wear as a set or let them stack and play go-between with your other rings!! Current set is made in a size 7 but can be ordered in any size you wish. We are also happy to sell individually if you should covet just one, or two or  ... heck why not 5!!! Just drop us a note and we can work out the details!

Gold Bands $295.00 each

Sterling Bands $70.00 each

Set (2 Gold 1 Sterling) $610.00 !!!

* Note prices are based on size 7

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