Hoops -3mm tube 14k YG

Devine Fine Jewellery

Hoop Earrings - 14k Yellow Gold, full round, 15 mm diameter x 3 mm thick tube hoops. The classic hoop. If you like the idea of adding a gem then it becomes the perfect partner for our enhancers.
***Sold as an option on all our Enhancers***
 Once you decide on the hoop style that suits you, it becomes your foundation piece that holds and displays all our various enhancers, you need only purchase them once, you can then turn your attention to the pretty parts... the enhancers! The enhancer choices are as numerous and varied as you can imagine! 
We tend to like to keep the hoops on the smaller side, this ensures that the hoop and enhancer set read as a unit and not two separates. The scale of the enhancer creates the look, so you can choose something small and fine or big and bold, as you wish.  All of our enhancers fit all of our hoops and truly you can mix and match with beautiful results! 
*Fit tip: A tube hoop style will sit a little lower on the lobe, 
as the closure is attached so that it angles slightly up and away from the body of the hoop. 

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