Hoop Earrings

We all know how perfect a simple pair of hoops can be, now imagine if you could keep that comfort and elegance but with the character and colour of your favourite gems! Then your same favourite hoops become the foundation to display our enhancers!
 Once you decide on the hoop style you love it becomes your partner piece that holdsand displays all our various enhancers.
You need only purchase the hoops once!
Then gleefully turn your attention to the pretty parts ... the enhancers! The enhancer choices are as numerous and varied as you can imagine! 
Our vision is to keep the hoops on the smaller side, this ensures that the hoop and enhancers read as a unit and not, two separates. The scale of the enhancer creates the look, so you can choose something small and fine
or big and bold ....as you wish.
Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings: Stella, Classic, Bold-Cuff, Bold-Thin,  Bold-Thick
14k Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings: Classic, Grace 14 mm, Grace 11.5 mm
All of our enhancers fit all of our hoops!  
Mix, layer, play!



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