by Carol Devine August 28, 2015

Hello All,

It will probably not surprise you to learn, we are a quiet bunch when it comes to talking about ourselves. One friend described  it as "overly modest" when it comes to the beauty of our jewellery! Everyone that works here - our lovely Tracey & Carol, and Michael our secret Sunday weapon, too myself and Ted - be it behind the scenes in our studio or selling and serving on the front lines - loves what they do and how, we get to do it.  It's not everyday that a business can say that about each and everyone of the people that work for them.

It's about the work we do but also in how we dress, how we care about our clients and just how passionate we are about each and every interaction - with our pieces, our family of artisans and our wonderful clients and visitors that makes our days so enjoyable.

Today in the Shop a very good client of ours ( who is going through a tough time, medically) contacted us about purchasing a ring he had seen on the webpage, for his Love for a special birthday gift. I decided to wrap the gift, so it would be ready to present and he wouldn't have to worry about that extra little step. While wrapping up the ring, I thought to myself this is something special, what I'm doing, something that matters to someone, and it's my job! It's such a little thing, but one that in the moment, in this situation, can add a smile and some joy. How awesome is that? 

I hope it brightened their day ... I know it did mine.


The One of a Kind Show recently released an online magazine about the artists that are here in the Capital, if you haven't taken a peek, I urge you to..... you might just get a little insight as to some of what makes us tick here at Devine and a story or two that you probably have not heard from the quiet bunch of us here at Devine.

Here's the Link we're featured starting on page 14.


Carol Devine
Carol Devine


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