One Of A Kind

 The items we offer within the 'One of a Kind Collection' are pieces that won’t be repeated. There is just that one ... and once it is sold, it is gone. Many times it is that the gemstone is a ‘one of’.  Other times, it might be that Ted or Jake is working freely to create … thus the design details are within that moment and that piece alone. They are truly works of art and distinction, very often combined with a rare or unusual cut of gemstone.
There is only one of these items currently in stock. The design, precision, rarity of some stones and fabrication of these items are taken into consideration on every single detail of the piece. To be able to make multiples of these pieces by hand would be a daunting task. The craftsmanship of each piece is something we take very seriously in giving our clients only the best handmade jewellery we can produce.
We hope you enjoy them as much as we love to create them!
~Be sure to check back often as we are adding more pretties all the time!~

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